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Welcome to Hop! … Around the Globe. With two kids and in our prime we decided to suspense our careers and professional life for almost a year and travel around the world. Having saved some money, we prepared for this adventure for a couple of months – studying books, guidebooks, websites wand watching various films to understand better people we were going to meet and countries we wanted to visit. It is a backpackers’ travel – we took our tent, sleeping bags, camera and a minimal set of clothes. We want to feel the culture and people so we are staying in hostels, campings or cheap hotels and with some exceptions, we are traveling using local means of transportation. Our kids have been learning and adapting amazingly fast but we focus to provide them some more formal education as well with the agreement of their school. Although posts on this website are published in Polish, you may still see our route and enjoy our pictures.

We started in April 2009 and plan to be on the road until April 2010. We leave some space for flexibility in terms of the duration of the travel and the route itself. The name of the place we currently are in (together with a link to an interactive Google map, where a man-shaped symbol represents us) is always in the top right box named “Gdzie teraz jesteśmy?” (“Where are we now?”).

Trasa Hop! ... Around the Globe

Here is the short description of our planned route (map above):

We are going to London (1) for 2 days and from there to Mexico City (2). We planned almost 2 months to cross the Latin America with local transportation: Mexico (Yucatan), Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. From Costa Rica (3) we are flying to Quito, Ecuador (4) and spending another month and a half in Ecuador and Peru. Then we fly from Lima (5) to Miami, Florida (6) to visit the United States for the roadtrip to Los Angeles, California (7). From LA we are flying to Tahiti, French Polynesia (8) for a few days and then to Fiji (9) for 2 weeks where we hope to be resting on the beach and maybe do some diving as well.  Next step is Auckland, New Zealand (10) where we are renting a car for 4-5 weeks to visit both islands (form Auckland to Christchurch). Our next stopover is Australia (11) where we would like to spend 5-6 weeks driving from Cairns to Melbourne (12). We hope to spend Christmas in Australia just before our last hop into south-eastern Asia and precisely to Hanoi, Vietnam (14) and later on via Cambodia to Bangkok, Thailand (14) and Rangoon, Myanmar (15) – we want to spend in this region another month or a little bit more. And finally, we are flying from Bangkok straight back to London from where catch our last flight home (Wroclaw, Poland).

Again – the whole site is (unfortunately for you) in Polish, but at least you can see the our pictures and videos in the galleries (newest on top) and follow our route on the Google map.

Beata and Błażej Kotełko

4 Responses to English

  1. Kim Bertrand pisze:

    I am truly amazed and jealous of your adventure. I have looked at all your pictures and I think that you could sell some of these pictures to National Geographic Society. In your last life you were a photogaher for sure. Your family will never forget this time.


  2. Kim Bertrand pisze:

    Blazej, No trip to C A N A D A for the family??

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Daniel Biesiada. Daniel Biesiada said: My Friend and CTO of Insert S.A. (Polish ISV) has just come back from the trip around the world http://bit.ly/bOksT2 Great Achievement! […]


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